Baroque Music – My New Album


I’m proud to present Baroque Music – my brand new album featuring Baroque masterpieces by Bach, Zamboni, Scarlatti and Kapsberger. Please take a look into this project or listen to the album samples by visiting the album’s website. If you’re interested in buying it, please take advantage of the low introductory price until June 23 … Read More

The Sound of Silence (My Students’ Orchestra)

News, Students

Instead of recording individual videos, this year I wanted to make a project that involves all the students that I currently teach in Sezana, Slovenia! Here’s the video of the legendary song “The Sound of Silence” by Simon&Garfunkel, arranged for a guitar ensemble by my students and I. Enjoy, behind the scenes video coming soon… … Read More

Maria Linnemann Interview and Concert

Guitar tutorials

On this year’s annual guitar event of Primorska region music schools (ZPGŠ), we were joined by Maria Linnemann for a series of concerts, masterclasses and an interview. In this interview we’re discussing her work “Scenes From Don Quixote”, her transition from composing for orchestra and piano to composing for guitar and finally her experience on … Read More

Making the Most of Smartphone Video

Recording tutorials

Recently I took a look into the basics of shooting and editing guitar videos on a smartphone. This time I wanted to make the most of my phone and use some of the tricks I learned while doing the first smartphone video. In this new tutorial I share how to connect a portable recorder to … Read More

Making Music Videos on Your Smartphone

Guitar tutorials

Talking about using your smartphone and a portable audio recorder to produce good quality videos for YouTube and how to sync audio/video directly on the phone via iMovie app. Below you can see the quick sample I made for this purpose. Enjoy!

Selling my Spruce Top Guitar!

Tests and reviews

Selling my main spruce guitar! It’s been an important part of my life for the past 10 years – I played it in dozens of YouTube videos like my Capricho Arabe video you’re watching right now, played many concerts with it as well as used it in all of my three CD releases. It’s a … Read More