Schoeps CMC6 MK21 Unboxing – ep7

Tests and reviews

Today we’re looking at unboxing of the legendary Schoeps CMC6 microphones. I received this package from KMR Audio in London. It arrived promptly and was nicely protected. A few more words on these microphones: The box contains two of the bestselling ”Colette”-series microphones which consist of the CMC6 analog microphone amplifiers and a matched pair … Read More

Editing Classical Guitar in Reaper – ep6

Guitar tutorials

The two extensions mentioned in the video are: SWS Reaper Extension, which adds hundreds of advanced functions and features to this DAW Pelleke’s custom actions for 3-4 point editing. I also wrote a tutorial on how to install these in this blog post. You are also very welcome to read my free, detailed blog posts … Read More

Changing Strings On Classical Guitar – ep5

Guitar tutorials

Tips and tricks for restringing your classical guitar: Protect your guitar by taping a thick piece of paper or a bookmark onto the bridge Consider changing strings one by one to avoid any tuning problems Avoid making knots at the tuning peg’s roller end Use a string winder (without a screw in the middle) to … Read More

2015/16 Guitar Students


This school year I’m teaching a class of 10 talented young students at Sežana music school. I finally got around to publishing some excerpts from our Christmas concert. At that point, the first year students had only been playing guitar for 3 months and I think they did an amazing job. Enjoy! 1st Year Students … Read More

Q&A episode 3 – Mixing classical guitar mono recording

Recording tutorials

Mixing a problematic classical guitar track, recorded with one microphone only. Tips include using hi- and low-pass filters, reducing the “boomy” 200Hz frequency, adding reverb and a stereo emulator plugin. Grab a coffee as it’s quite long (12:45). Transcription and comments Hi and welcome to the 3rd Q&A episode of, my online guitar learning … Read More

Martin GPCPA5K acoustic guitar test

Tests and reviews

This is a short test of the Martin GPCPA5K acoustic guitar with audio recording to give you a feel for how it sounds acoustically and plugged into an acoustic amplifier such as my Schertler Unico. I’ve only had this guitar for two days and haven’t even been able to change the strings. Nevertheless, I feel … Read More

Classical guitar microphone shootout

Tests and reviews

A shootout between three pairs of affordable microphones: Oktava Mk-012 with standard cardioid capsules Oktava Mk-012 with MJE-K47H capsules Line Audio Design CM3 Remember to set the video quality at 720p or 1080p and listen through a pair of good headphones or studio monitors, also let me know what you think.

Classical guitar preamp shootout

Tests and reviews

A shootout between four preamps for recording classical guitar: Metric Halo ULN-2 Focusrite OctoPre MkII RME Babyface Zoom H5 Tascam DR-100 Remember to set the video quality at 720p or 1080p and listen through a pair of good headphones or studio monitors, also let me know what you think.