This is a short test of the Martin GPCPA5K acoustic guitar with audio recording to give you a feel for how it sounds acoustically and plugged into an acoustic amplifier such as my Schertler Unico.

I’ve only had this guitar for two days and haven’t even been able to change the strings. Nevertheless, I feel like the sound of this instrument is beautiful as you can hear from the video.

A word of caution: this model has the Fishman F1 Analog preamp, and the LED only lights up for the tuner. So, if you were viewing Fishman Aura system videos by Martin Guitar on YouTube of how to use the electronics, don’t think you have a faulty guitar – the Aura is only available with Martin’s more expensive models. The modeled images still work and sound great on the GPCPA5K, but the LED will not light up to display the settings, you have to use your ear.

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Martin Guitar

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