This is a new mic/preamp combo that I had the pleasure to try out recently: Line Audio CM3 and RME Babyface. The samples are recorded with the stereo AB technique (using a matched pair of Line Audio CM3 mics).


  • Hi, I really liked the sound of the line audio cm3. Which one
    do you prefer, the oktava mk-012 or the line audio? Are there any other microphones you think I should consider on a budget price for live concert amplification? (Sahiman little blondie or luperlux s502 .. ?)
    Best wishes

    • Definitely prefer the Oktavas, it seems in reality they have noticeably less noise (not on paper though) and rounder, more compact sound output. But for live amplification the CM3s will be more than good enough! Sorry, the two you mention I’ve never heard of.

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