Today we’re looking at unboxing of the legendary Schoeps CMC6 microphones.

I received this package from KMR Audio in London. It arrived promptly and was nicely protected.

A few more words on these microphones:

The box contains two of the bestselling ”Colette”-series microphones which consist of the CMC6 analog microphone amplifiers and a matched pair of capsules.

The capsules I chose are wide cardioid, the MK21, because I really liked how they sounded on several sound samples available online.

I felt like they’d make a good middle ground between cardioid and omni capsules, the best of both worlds. Still open sounding in controlled environments, but less problematic in difficult spaces.

The MK21 have a more extended low-frequency response than a cardioid, with less proximity effect, while picking up more room sound than a cardioid.

They are very pleasant and warm sounding capsules, perfect for the main stereo pair in a AB or wide ORTF configuration.

These microphones come with a wooden box, two windscreens and mic holders.

If you’d like to hear how these microphones sound, please visit my recording of the beautiful piece La Muerte by Spanish composer Eduardo Sainz de la Maza.

Thanks for watching, have a great week!

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