Making the Most of Smartphone Video

May 9, 2017Recording tutorials

Recently I took a look into the basics of shooting and editing guitar videos on a smartphone. This time I wanted to make the most of my phone and use some of the tricks I learned while doing the first smartphone video. In this new tutorial I share how to connect a portable recorder to … Read More

Q&A episode 3 – Mixing classical guitar mono recording

October 16, 2015Recording tutorials

Mixing a problematic classical guitar track, recorded with one microphone only. Tips include using hi- and low-pass filters, reducing the “boomy” 200Hz frequency, adding reverb and a stereo emulator plugin. Grab a coffee as it’s quite long (12:45). Transcription and comments Hi and welcome to the 3rd Q&A episode of, my online guitar learning … Read More release

May 6, 2015Guitar tutorials, Recording tutorials, Students, Tests and reviews

Today, I’m excited to release, a brand new classical guitar learning platform. The website will feature classical guitar, audio recording as well as video shooting tutorials. As you know, I love playing classical guitar, but I also enjoy teaching and recording music as well as producing videos, so this is one of the projects … Read More