Maria Linnemann Interview and Concert

May 9, 2017Guitar tutorials

On this year’s annual guitar event of Primorska region music schools (ZPGŠ), we were joined by Maria Linnemann for a series of concerts, masterclasses and an interview. In this interview we’re discussing her work “Scenes From Don Quixote”, her transition from composing for orchestra and piano to composing for guitar and finally her experience on … Read More

Making Music Videos on Your Smartphone

March 1, 2017Guitar tutorials

Talking about using your smartphone and a portable audio recorder to produce good quality videos for YouTube and how to sync audio/video directly on the phone via iMovie app. Below you can see the quick sample I made for this purpose. Enjoy!

Editing Classical Guitar in Reaper – ep6

March 30, 2016Guitar tutorials

The two extensions mentioned in the video are: SWS Reaper Extension, which adds hundreds of advanced functions and features to this DAW Pelleke’s custom actions for 3-4 point editing. I also wrote a tutorial on how to install these in this blog post. You are also very welcome to read my free, detailed blog posts … Read More

Changing Strings On Classical Guitar – ep5

March 8, 2016Guitar tutorials

Tips and tricks for restringing your classical guitar: Protect your guitar by taping a thick piece of paper or a bookmark onto the bridge Consider changing strings one by one to avoid any tuning problems Avoid making knots at the tuning peg’s roller end Use a string winder (without a screw in the middle) to … Read More

15 minute warm-up routine for classical guitar

May 8, 2015Guitar tutorials

This is my typical daily warm-up routine, consisting of three types of exercises: right hand, left hand and a combination of both. They are all basically adapted exercises from Abel Carlevaro’s books 2-4 from his Serie didactica para guitarra. To download the score free of charge just add it to cart below.