Leila and Timeja

June 1, 2015Students

The extremely talented sisters, Leila (10) and Timeja (13), have been each playing guitar for three years only! They also sing regularly, which you can hear in the videos below. Enjoy!

Uršula and Nejc

June 1, 2015Students

Uršula (13) and Nejc (14) playing the popular songs – Demons by Imagine Dragons and Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen – on classical guitar.

15 minute warm-up routine for classical guitar

May 8, 2015Guitar tutorials

This is my typical daily warm-up routine, consisting of three types of exercises: right hand, left hand and a combination of both. They are all basically adapted exercises from Abel Carlevaro’s books 2-4 from his Serie didactica para guitarra. To download the score free of charge just add it to cart below.

Guitarise.com release

May 6, 2015Guitar tutorials, Recording tutorials, Students, Tests and reviews

Today, I’m excited to release Guitarise.com, a brand new classical guitar learning platform. The website will feature classical guitar, audio recording as well as video shooting tutorials. As you know, I love playing classical guitar, but I also enjoy teaching and recording music as well as producing videos, so this is one of the projects … Read More

D’Addario Carbon Pro Arté Strings Review

May 1, 2015Tests and reviews

Today I’ll be reviewing the new Carbon Pro Arté strings by D’Addario. I’ve used D’Addario Pro Arté nylon strings for over 10 years now, especially on recording sessions. On concerts, however, I mostly prefer to play on carbon strings from other manufacturers like Hannabach or Savarez, because of their long sustain and the way they … Read More

Martin Stojanoski (14) plays Tesar and Villa-Lobos

April 27, 2015Students

My student at Sežana Music School Martin Stojanoski has just won the 3rd prize with the total of 92.33/100 points at Krško guitar competition in Slovenia. As part of the preparation, we recorded these two pieces 2d Recording Studio – Moderato by Milan Tesar and Study n. 8 by Heitor Villa-Lobos.