Tips and tricks for restringing your classical guitar:

  1. Protect your guitar by taping a thick piece of paper or a bookmark onto the bridge
  2. Consider changing strings one by one to avoid any tuning problems
  3. Avoid making knots at the tuning peg’s roller end
  4. Use a string winder (without a screw in the middle) to save time turning the pegs
  5. Use a nail clipper to trim the new strings’ ends

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  • Wow! Thank you to make this video. your every method is much easier. For starters, This video is very effective. New guitar learner please see this video and learn how to change strings and please subscribe this youtube video channel.

  • chad henry says:

    Sadly, I was unable to understand how to loop the 6th string at the bridge because of the camera angle, and that is my most frustrating part of the re-stringing process. I’ll try to watch again a few times to see if I can understand it better. I hate changing strings, makes me crazy!

  • Hi Uros,

    Thanks for making another great video, though I think you should consider remaking this one.

    The tips great, but as already mentioned by Chad, the camera angle for the string fastening at the bridge end is wrong and you hand is hiding what we are all desperately trying to see. The camera needs to be moved to the opposite side for these shots.

    The other issue is that all the close ups are slightly out of focus which is a distraction when trying to study the detail of what you are demonstrating.

    I love your work and hope you don’t mind these constructive comments.

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