Classical guitar

Sheet music / notation

Boije Collection – An awesome and free classical guitar score collection of mainly classical and romantic music.

IMSLP – Another great sheet music library of free, public domain works.

MuseScore – free and open source music notation software I use / Sheet music from the community / Keyboard shortcuts

Syukhtun Editions – A very interesting free sheet music collection of classical guitar works and arrangements, among others by Edson Lopes

Mauro Giuliani’s free score


Håkan Hardenberger on using silence to build suspense on stage before playing the piece

Steven Isserlis: How To Use Vibrato To Improve Phrasing

Itzhak Perlman’s YouTube channel

An A-Z of the piano: Alfred Brendel’s notes from the concert hall

Music as a Language: – Victor Wooten


Delcamp – probably the most known forum dedicated to classical guitar

Studio recording, editing, mixing

Audio forums, learning channels, books

Pensado’s Place – Invaluable free resource of advice and interviews with world’s top producers and mixing engineers, hosted by Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick.

PureMix – Excellent video tutorials by producer Fabrice Dupont.

Mix Notes / The Pro Audio Files / Jonathan Roye – further amazing blogs/learning channels on mixing, editing etc.

Mixing With Your Mind – My favorite book on mixing, written by engineer Michael Stavrou. A bit on the pricier side but totally worth it.

Single posts, videos

Resoundsound: Pensado’s Place “Into the Lair” essential lessons / The 25 best free VST & AU plugins for PC and Mac in 2013 – Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Phase: Timing Difference or Polarity?

The Art of Vocal Production by Joe Chiccarelli

How to Mix Acoustic Guitar / 50 Mixing Tips From Steven Slate / How to Create a Lush Reverb and Delay by TheProAudioFiles

Ben Lindell: How to reamp / Playing Favorites When Mixing / Export from Logic to other DAWs video

Tips and tricks for using reverbs in the mix by Paul Drew (on Exponential Audio website)

Mid/Side Demystified

Drum Mixing Tutorial by Steven Slate

Audiofile Triumph app

Tips for mastering in Triumph:

Quickstart: use AppleScript (you can download it here) and double-click it, which will automatically create a mastering session in Triumph for you.

How to Generate a DDP File Using Triumph

Loading DDP files into the free iOS app DDP Player

Replacing audio in existing layers

Triumph mastering series: Basic Workflow / Interface Basics / Advanced Workflow

Arrange Spacing

Applying Incremental ISRC Codes

Rendering individual tracks with the Render Assistant

CD Burn Fail

Support and Forums

Recording and mixing classical music

Mixing in Stereo: Adding Width and Depth to Your Recordings by UA Audio

Decca Classics: Phase 4 – Stereo Concert Series: Recording and Mixing Demonstration

"Abbey Road" Reverb Technique (adding hi- and low-pass filters - at 600Hz and 10kHz - before reverb): Bobby Owsinski Article 1 / Article 2 / Article 3 / Video on Pensado's Place

Tips and tricks from Michael Carnes, founder of Exponential Audio (I use their PhoenixVerb reverb plugin on most of my projects): Session notes from a problem space / Sweetening a live recording / What are early reflections and how can they help me? / Chamber, plate, hall…What do I use? / Reverb 101 with PhoenixVerb

How to Compress Acoustic Guitar (And How to Not Screw it Up)

Mixing Acoustic Guitars by Mix Notes

Reaper DAW

My tutorials on classical music editing in Reaper: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3: Source/destination 3/4-point editing

Essential quick tips by The Reaper Blog: Flying edit / Phase aligment trick

SWS Reaper Extension (adds hundreds of advanced functions and features to this DAW)

Reaper Documentation

The Reaper / Pro Tools debate, by Kenny Gioia

Pre-mastering project setup in Reaper / Mastering Revision Workflow

Mixing Mid/Side in Reaper

Precise Automation Levels in Reaper

Quick Tips: Reposition Items / Pencil Tool Workflow

Changing the default Reaper metronome sound: Everyone hates the default click sound. Shut up I fixed it for you.

Item/Take FX – Reaper 4 Explained

Elastique V3 Stretching Engine in Reaper

Magnetic Stretch Markers

Video production

Filmmaking basics

Wistia Learning Center – Great tips on video making by the Wistia team.

Vincent Laforet / Philip Bloom / Videomaker / Oliver Peters / Shane Hurlbut / Tom Antos / Stillmotionblog – Some of my favorite DSLR Video blogs. Lots of useful stuff to learn each week.

Film Riot / Chase Jarvis / Indy Mogul / Matthew Pearce / Tom Antos – Best filmmaking YouTube channels.

Once you’ve mastered the basics on Vimeo Video School, check David Kong‘s Working with Less tutorials: Part 1 / Part 2 – All about the camera / Part 3 – Magic Lantern / Part 4 – Postproduction / Part 5 – Building a motorised slider

Stillmotionblog‘s awesome series on storytelling: Storytelling The Stillmotion Way: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4.

Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking with Victor Ha / Guerilla Filmmaking by Ryan Connolly my favourite two CreativeLIVE courses worth every penny.

Filmmaking Pointers by Oliver Peters

The forum of Roger Deakins, the famous cinematographer.


Still Lenses That Can Grace The Big Screen by Hurlbut Visuals

DSLR Lenses for Video, introduction to DSLR video lenses by Matthew Pearce

SMAPP on 5 killer lenses by Canon

My Gear: Lenses by Vincent Laforet

Gear Dictionary – Cine Lenses

Final Cut Pro X

Alex4d – A great video editing blog, full of free plugins and other resources and with a dedicated Final Cut Pro X section.

Matthew Pearce’s Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Beginners / Ten 10 second FCPX tips / FCPX tips and tricks / FCPX effects and transitions

Multicam Editing in FCPX: I suggest reading my tutorial on multicam editing, but if you’d like to dig deeper, watch Jake‘s Video 1 / 2 on shooting and editing a multicam music video.

DSLR Video Shooter’s excellent guides: 7 Ways to Speed Up Final Cut Pro X / How to Turn One Camera Into Two Angles / 5 Final Cut Pro X Shortcuts I Constantly Use

MacBreak Studio: Exporting Audio Components and Roles / The magic of hard links

Final Cut Pro X Tutorial: Multicam Workflow for narrative work by Ben Consoli

Oliver Peters – FCP X tools: Part 1 – Transitions / Part 2 – useful effects / Part 3 – color grade effects / Part 4 – distress effects / Part 5 – filter suites

FCPX On-Air, tutorial series by Magic Feather on the entire TV promo making

Michael Wohl: Advanced Audio in FCPX

Editing in Final Cut Pro X by

Final Cut Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts on Vimeo

Conforming frame rates in FCPX – very handy for DSLR users that want to slow down that 720p 60fps footage.

Dan Allen Films: Final Cut Pro X basics tutorials / Transform, Crop and Distort tools in FCPX

Editing Music to a Promotional Video with Chris Fenwick

XEffects Audio Fades plugin (free)

Sound for video

B&H guide for DSLR audio recording – video

Recording Audio for Business Videos by Wistia

Some DLSR audio recording possibilities by Matthew Pearce


Timelapse tutorial and Canon video series by Vincent Laforet

Preston Kanak: The extensive RAW Timelapse tutorials / Starting points for basic timelapses / The RAW Timelapse Tutorial (Vimeo)

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Best resources for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera users / Adapting lenses for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera / Affordable battery solution for BMPCC from my blog

Davinci Resolve

How to improve DaVinci Resolve 12 performance


Essential lighting tutorials: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 and two further videos: The Five Pillars of Exposure / The Inverse Square Law by Eve Hazelton of Realm Pictures

Easy light setup to improve your films / Filming in bright sunlight [How to achieve the Film Look] / Film look – Affordable LED lamp for night scenes / Light your films like a pro [Aputure Light Storm LS 1s] by Andyax

Film Riot‘s episodes on lighting: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 and cinematography: Cinematography Tips: Breaking Up & Diffusing Light. Highly reccomended.

Wistia‘s Lighting on the fly tutorial and Down and Dirty Lighting Kit video

Videomaker‘s Lighting in tight spaces / DIY light leaks for Post-Production

Hurlbut Visuals: Creating a Beauty Light with a Book Light / How to Light for Specific Camera Blocking: Master to Close-Up

IzzyVideo’s lighting tutorials: How to create a white background in your video / create a black background

Filmmaking 101 – Three Point Lighting Tutorial

LED Lights – What’s the best deal? by Tom Antos

Vimeo Video School‘s paper lighting article

Sweet Video Strobe Lighting Trick by DSLR Video Shooter

5 Lighting Setups for Your Home or Office Studio / 6 Tips for Setting Up a Home or Office Studio – Photography & Lighting Tutorial / Make Your Own Reflector DIY Tutorial by The Slanted Lens

Softbox Essentials: 10 photography lighting techniques using one softbox with Tony Corbell

Color correction / grading

Color Grading in Filmmaking

Final Cut Pro X – Color Grading a Film Tutorial and other FCPX essential color grading tutorials by Color Grading CentralPart 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 15 / LUT Master Guide to Color Grading + 24 FREE Film LUTs

Color Correction Workflow by DSLR Video Shooter

How To Become A Better Colorist

7 Tips for HD Color Correction and DSLR Color Correction by Hurlbut Visuals

Oliver Peters’ Tutorials: Demystifying Color Grading with FCPX / Understanding Color Correction in FCPX / FCP X tools, Part 3 – color grade effects / FCPX color board presets

Matthew Pearce’s basic color correcting tutorial Part 1 / Part 2; Sky color correction

Fim Riot’s color correcting tips / color grading tips

Generate a LUT to Match Colours Between Two Different Cameras

Color Grading Cameras to Match Using LUTs by Casey Faris

Davinci resolve grading work demonstration – Fall scenery

Color Profiles

3 of the best color profiles out there for your Canon DSLR: Technicolor CineStyle / Marvel’s Cine / Cinema Picture Style.

Philip Bloom’s and Vincent Laforet’s articles on color profiles.

Film Riot’s take on color profiles

DSLR Film Noob installation instruction

More video production

How to Create Beautiful Slow Motion Camera Movement Shots

GH4 + Speedbooster + Sigma 18-35 [The ultimate combination]? by Andyax

Hurlbut Visuals: Storytelling through composition Part 1 / Part 2. Polarizing filters – powerful filmmaking tools.

“101″ Music Video – Crafting a Visual Story through Music by Preston Kanak

GH4 Guerilla Filmmaking: Case Study

10 Tricks to Make Amateur Video Look Professional / How to shoot beautiful wedding films / Camera issues: Moire (Aliasing), Rolling Shutter… / 5 Things You Need to Know About Light / 7 Things to Know About Making Short Films / iPhone videography & DIY XLR mic-to-iPhone adapter / Rule of Thirds, Documentary Filmmaking Tutorial & DIY Helmet Cam by Indy Mogul

Philip Bloom: Very in depth tutorials / BTS of three shoots on the Sony FS100. How I light, set up shots, work out shoots.

Drive-by Shooting: Using Your Car to Make Better Videos by Vimeo Video School

How a crane adds to (or takes away from) story by Stillmotion

Put a Helicopter in Your Film! by Film Riot

Quick Tips: 3 Tips For Denoising Your Footage by Film Riot

Tips On How To Take Stunning Night Photos – Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

How to build a DIY light tent for product photography / Some further DIY photography tips

Screenplay Formatting

How to Create a Visual Story with B-roll

How To Make Better Unboxing Videos by Mattias Burling

Music promotion / Business / Social media

How to launch anything – excellent article by N. Barry

How to Launch Anything Online by JustCreative

How To Profit From Selling Digital Products Part 1 / Part 2 OR watch Nathan Barry‘s presentation video for roughly the same story

Busting Music Marketing Myths with Andrew Apanov

How to Charge What You’re Worth — Which is 3 to 10x More Than You’re Getting Today with Ramit Sethi

How To Price Your Services: A Guide For Web Designers

Bemuso – Debunking music biz middlemen, info about the industry and web for indie musicians

Working from home by Matt Gemmell

10 Essential Elements of a Landing Page

Seth Godin: What kind of media counts? / The whiner’s room / Effortless / What you waiting for / Here, I made this / Crash diets and good habits / Monetizing digital attention / Feet on the street / Ridiculous is the new remarkable / Impresarios / The short head, the long tail and buying expensive scaffolding / Just the good parts

How to Attract New Clients to Your Studio

The philosophy of great customer service by Derek Sivers

Why you don’t need a press kit Part 1 / Part 2

How to Promote Your Music on Twitter: Intermediate Tweeting for Bands

Promoting Yourself Via Print: Ideas, Tips And Examples

Tale Of A Top-10 App, Part 1: Idea And Design / Part 2: Marketing And Launch

15 Ways New Freelancers Can Use Social Media to Boost Business

Music Marketing with Social Media in Only 30 Minutes a Day

How to get an endorsement deal as a musician

How Your Band Can Use Facebook Paid Advertising to Promote Your Music

Deep in the Kickstarter trenches Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 / Pt. 3 / Pt. 4

The Secret to Spreading Ideas: Bernadette Jiwa at TEDxPerth

So You Want to Make a Whole Bunch of T-Shirts

Music licensing by Scion AV, 12-part video series

Meet The New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss?

How Do You Charge For Your Services as a Filmmaker?

Want me to write about your product?

How to start a record label


Quick WordPress tutorials

How to use Firebug to modify a WordPress theme

Was it easy to switch WordPress themes? Yes.

Get a different Theme on different Posts or Pages

How to change your admin username

Creating a Responsive Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress

Inserting widgets with shortcodes

How to Remove the www From Your WordPress Site URL

How to translate a theme

How to Add Easy Social Icons in the WordPress Navigation Menu

How To Display Icons In WordPress Menu

How to Build a Rocking Band Website with WordPress (and All the Plugins You Need to Do It)

Advanced WordPress tutorials

How to Install WordPress (and Multisite) Locally on Mac/OS X With MAMP / How To Create A Local WordPress Installation On A Mac

Make Local Web Server Accessible Online With Localtunnel

Migrating A Local WordPress Installation To A Live Web Server

Installing WordPress in the Amazon Cloud

An Introduction To WordPress Page Templates

Building a Band or Musician’s Site with Easy Digital Downloads

How To Scan Your WordPress Website For Hidden Malware

WordPress Security: The Ultimate Guide

Optimization / Development tools / SEO

Google PageSpeed Tools / Pingdom tools / Unshit / YSlow

The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress SEO by Yoast: Configuration / Social Settings / Final Tweaking

Basic SEO Tips For Images You Should Know

Online tool to check your responsive website on different platforms, by Matt Kersley

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Troubleshooting slow WordPress admin: 7 Ways To Fix a Slow WordPress Admin Panel /

Diagnose admin-ajax.php Causing Slow Load Times in WordPress

How to speed up WordPress

How To Install A CDN On Your WordPress Website

Essential Firefox Tools For Web Developer

List of WordPress professional development tools

Theme development

Creating a theme with Bones: Getting started / Finishing off / Cleaning up.

How to Customize Responsive WordPress Themes Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Build Beautiful WordPress Sites With Zurb’s Responsive Foundation Framework

Adaptive Blog Theme: Beginning Theme Development

Getting started with Twitter Bootstrap

How To Create A Totally Custom WordPress Login Page

Best WordPress resources

WordPress Codex – The website that contains all WordPress-related information you’ll ever need.

WordPress Forums – The place to ask questions when in doubt.

WPMU Blog / WP Tuts / Smashing WP – Definitely three of the blogs every WordPress user should follow.

Chris Lema‘s blog

Working with child themes

Using child themes in WordPress development is useful for a number of reasons, the main one being the ability to modify themes without fear of data loss when upgrading your themes. It may be a little difficult to understand its concept at the beginning, but in reality it’s as simple as creating a folder and a style.css document in your FTP client. Alternatively, you can even let a plugin do the work for you. All in all, I think child themes are a powerful tool, especially in combination with Mozilla Firefox’s free Firebug extension, to quickly modify and future proof your WordPress theme.

WordPress Codex: Child themes

ThemeShaper’s Child theme basics

ThemeShaper: How I used child theme to redesign my blog

How to Modify the Parent Theme Behavior Within the Child Theme

3 Tricks For Improved Child Theming in WordPress

Changing plugin files without losing changes when updating

Using Template Files

WordPress Network / Multisite

WordPress Codex’ guide to installing a Network

WordPress MU domain mapping plus its user guide – The essential plugin to run multiple websites off of a single WordPress Network install.

WPMU‘s WordPress multisite manual

The Complete Guide To Creating A WordPress Multisite Installation by Elegant Themes

Moving WordPress: Moving a Site Out of a Multisite Network/ Moving WordPress: Moving a Multisite Network / Migrating multiple blogs into WordPress multisite in the WordPress Codex

WP Tuts tutorials Guide to installing and using WordPress multisite and WordPress Multisite Beyond Basics: Essentials and Domain Mapping

Configuring Wildcard Subdomains – First step before installing a new sub-domain based multisite install (read here for further info)

Understanding and Working with Data in WordPress – Multisite

The bigger picture

WordPress gives you tools to change lives

Getting your business online isn’t costly with WordPress

You need more than a website. You need a platform. Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

WordPress Freelancing 101 – Getting Started And Finding Success As A WordPress Professional

Sticky Menus Are Quicker To Navigate

Graphic and web design